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Three Essentials April 27, 2011

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I’m a 33, nearly 34-year-old wife and mother. My oldest just turned 6, and his younger brother is 4. I would say the hardest part of being a stay at home mom and wife to a hard-working man, is the day-to-day, hour to hour, self-motivated decisions and how they affect our well-being and the atmospheres of our homes.

There are days that I just want to give housework and time commitments the bird and read a book all day. Some days I have done that. There are other days that I’m on top of my game and feel like I completed my mission(s) for the day. Most days I choose to have a right attitude and do the things I know pay off in the long haul, as well as the short-haul, and I have found work for me.

1. Spending time with God. I am the first to admit I don’t do this nearly enough. I’m not sure I could ever spend enough time with the peacemaker of my life and the lover of my soul. He is my breath and my mind-renewer . . . what is life without HIM? I am beyond grateful for HIS forgiveness, granted me through HIS sacrifice on the cross and the resurrection. And I’m beyond grateful for HIS daily walking out of life with me. I don’t deserve HIM, but I accept that gift without hesitation!

Worshipping is the best way I know to communicate my love and adoration to HIM . . . get some good worship CD’s, priceless.

Reading the Bible and digesting HIS Word are the best ways I know to grow in truth. I picture a seedling plant, probably because I have seedlings nearly ready for outside transplanting, that have to be rotated or they grow crooked, towards the source of light. Keep that light source straight above and you’ll grow straight.

2. Having a gracious attitude toward my spouse. Yep, he’s flawed. Some things he does drive me nuts . . . why can’t he read my mind again? But there are so many good-as-gold things about J’s heart and motives in life that I cherish. And I was forgiven (reference #1) of every crappy thing I ever did in life . . . I think I’ll just pass that right along to the man I chose to love the rest of my life. Having a right relationship with J, which includes standing up for what I believe but giving it to God at the same time, is essential to a peaceful atmosphere in my home and heart.

3. Exercise and eating right. This culture harps on this so much that I am shy of bringing it up. But it affects my moods and attitude so much I can’t NOT bring it up. I’m not some little skinny chic that has never known food addiction or slacked on the exercise. I’m currently attempting to lose the 20 lbs I put on over the last two years. I enjoy light jogging. Rich foods are good, for a treat, but I find my moods, and blood sugar, level out with lean meats, healthy fats and unprocessed carbs (i.e. rice, beans, potatoes, yams, salad, etc). So, most days, I try to make right decisions regarding. This ultimately effects how I feel about myself, resulting in how I treat my family and friends. The better I feel, the better I treat everyone around me.

Those are three essentials that help and make my life better. I would love to hear other’s essentials in their life. Things that are needed to for your households to run well and for you to feel your best.


Not good enough April 17, 2011

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How many of us struggle with these thoughts on a daily basis?

“I am not ______ enough”?

You fill in the blank. Let’s be honest, it cripples us. It plays with our emotions and allows fear to dictate who we become.
I know I am not alone in this nagging sense of failing to measure up, a feeling of not being good enough as a woman. Why is that?


As Women, we gotta release.

Running is my way of releasing the unwanted things in my life. Not only the obvious… that extra helping of brownies and ice cream, HELLO! But more vitally the release of anxiety, stress, confusion, or unrealistic expectations I set up for myself in being a mom, a wife, and seeking to fulfill every other role society places on us as women. Ask my husband, I’m a completely different person when I return from my run. My head is finally clear, it seems. I feel refreshed. This is not to brag or boast the physical feat I just accomplished or put the spotlight on myself. Yes, I make the effort to put on my running shoes and hit the pavement whether some days I feel like it or not and the world may label this as strength. I like to think of it as God meeting me in my weakness. Out of my weakness comes an inner strength that cannot be explained, a renewed hope in what He is doing in my life…and it can’t be defaulted to the endorphins (though they do help!) It’s a sense of experiencing God with every step – worship music in ear and heart open to a mental transformation. The days I don’t make this choice to release are the days that drag on with all life’s demands.

As the song plays in my headphones, singing the words “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me”, I am overwhelmed and almost in tears as I enter a moment of  solitude. I feel like a little girl chasing after her daddy calling out “Daddy, Daddy!” as we play a game of cat and mouse. It’s a warm feeling though, a sense of safety that I can come as I am, broken and imperfect and He will still meet me. It’s then I lose track of my legs tiring, the time on my stopwatch, how many calories I may be burning, and so forth. I am simply romanced in the moment and am aligned once again.  Isn’t it great how this happens every time we are open to what He has for us? For this, I am thankful. And hey I got some exercise in, too! BONUS!

Why do I share all of this you may ask? Because it’s been on my heart and moving to a new area recently, God has really put the magnifying glass on areas in my life – good and bad. It seems being in new surroundings, having fresh perspective really makes us take inventory in our own lives. He gently reassures me; you will never be perfect, you will never do everything right the first time or in the correct order but it’s the motives of the heart that matter most to Him. God is telling me to fix my thoughts on what is pure, lovely, and of good report. Out of this surrendering comes true happiness.

Running is just one way I release the unwanted baggage in my life. It helps that I enjoy running. This may not be your choice and it shouldn’t be if running seems torturous 🙂 but I wanted to get you thinking. In what ways do you release the unwanted stuff in your life?



Spring April 16, 2011

The appearance of flowers and the springing, back and forth, between rain and sun, means one thing: Spring!

Right now it rains more than shines, but the infusion of hope is undeniable. Days spent outside, worn out boys that sleep wholly and peacefully at night and a great tan are now within sight. Summer is when I become most grateful for being home with my boys; with school over, there’s no need to find childcare and we get to go on great outdoor adventures . . . my favorite! Being in the Pacific Northwest, there is a certain depression that happens with persistent cloud cover and tons of rain and I’m looking forward to that lifting.

My new interest is in discovering the Columbia River Gorge and all the hiking and camping there is to do there. Such a uniquely beautiful place, situated in the Cascade range, on the Oregon side (Washington State sits across the Columbia River).

This is my youngest at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge last month. If you’ve never visited, I recommend it! A great lodge and restaurant. Outdoor vendors in good weather. And miles of trails . . . even a bridge that travels over and in front of part of the falls.

When my boys were younger, I kept my sanity by jogging with a double jogging stroller. My boys are only 17 months apart. We would head out, destination mapped, to a park usually. Picnicked and played, spending the day outside.

What are some of your summer activities? Hiking is just now becoming fun, with a 4 and 6 year old, and even then it is limited. If you have younger ones, what are some of the summer activities you enjoy?




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Two sisters, two close friends, two stay-at-home moms; giving our two cents on all aspects of motherhood, life, spirituality and health and wellness. As we see it, of course.

Challenging at times, frustrating too. But also full of the grace of God, seen starkly in the eyes of our young kids. Standing by our husbands, through thick and thin. Worshipping our God as we walk over sharp rocks and lush grass; all the different terrains of this life’s travels.

We would love for you to join us in this adventure!